Vietnam's most dynamic and innovative provider of Reality Capture and Virtual Tour services

Reality Capture technologies, and in particular Virtual Tours, are truly revolutionizing the way in which individuals and businesses experience and showcase the world around them. Based in Ho Chi Minh City, one of Southeast Asia’s most modern and dynamic cities, MoiVao Virtual Tours has rapidly become a beacon of innovation in the fields of 360, 3D and AR technologies, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in these new and exciting fields, and helping our clients to benefit from the unique digital-marketing opportunities the technologies have to offer.

What sets us apart

our background

Our journey began with a passionate team of technologists, creatives and digital-marketing experts, joining forces to harness the very latest technological innovations and fuse them with the very best Vietnamese technical, creative and digital-marketing talent, to pioneer Reality Capture and Virtual Tour services in Vietnam and across the wider South East Asia region

Our Vision

We hope to help shape a future in which virtual and augmented reality, combined with artificial intelligence, seamlessly integrate into a wide range of industries, enhancing productivity, creativity, and overall human experiences, and aspire to empower businesses and individuals to unlock their full potential by harnessing the transformative power of these exciting new technologies.

Our Expertise

Our core expertise lies in the art of reality capture and image processing. Using state-of-the-art 3D scanning equipment, we meticulously capture physical spaces down to the smallest detail. Our creative digital-marketing team then use advanced software to turn these ‘digital twins’ into engaging, interactive, immersive, true-to-life representations of real-world environments. 

Our Innovations

With a highly-qualified team of engineers and computer-scientists, led by a PhD-qualified expert in Machine Learning, MoiVao is at the very forefront of technical innovation, particularly in harnessing the latest advances in AI to improve the realism and interactivity of the virtual-reality and augmented reality experiences we are able to  offer our clients.

our commitment

At Moivao, our commitment is unwavering. We are dedicated to delivering results that exceed expectations. We understand the value of precision, quality, and creativity, and we infuse these values into every project we undertake. Our portfolio speaks for itself, showcasing a wide range of sectors where our services have made a difference.

Our clients

Our wide range of satisfied clients already includes: realtors & real-estate agencies; retail stores; restaurants; hostels & hotels; schools, colleges & universities; wedding venues; galleries & exhibition-spaces, and many more! If you’re a business or organization wishing to leverage state-of-the-art 3D technology, then we’re ready to partner with you.